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The Land of My Fathers.

In my last post, I spoke about my ancestral warrior blood. This part of my african lineage is a common trait in the Egba people who were known as fierce warriors. The capital of Egbaland was and still remains the city of Abeokuta in Nigeria. Amongst the distinguished Nigerians whose origins can be traced back to Abeokuta city is former president of Nigeria General Olusegun Obasanjo who happens to be celebrating his 75th birthday this week. The late Fela Kuti musician extraordinaire and loads more distinguished Nigerians come from Egbaland.
The traditional ruler of this part of the country is the Alake of Egbaland and he is highly respected by all. He is in effect the custodian of the cultural heritage of his people. Up till the present day, certain ceremonies are still performed in the same way as in ancient times,.Certain elements within jazz music were taken from the talking drum patterns of this area and the west african region as a whole.
Drummers are an integral part of royal cerem…

Crayon's Terror !!!

Lying slightly on his right side in the deep undergrowth of bushes, terrified and trying not to breathe too hard in the dark moonless night, his main concern right now was that his thudding heart was loud enough to be heard, Crayon's face was pressed hard against the damp moist earth, his own right hand clamped firmly over his mouth, more afraid that the whimpering he felt in his chest may involuntarily escape and he would be discovered by the human monster frantically parting the bushes looking for him. 

This is a nightmare, he thought, his attention was now drawn to the rustling sound from the bushes getting nearer and nearer, the search getting closer and closer by the second. His mind conjured up his experiences since he could walk. Everything he had seen, heard, smelled and tasted came to him in the space of a millisecond. I suppose this is what they mean when they say "your life is flashing before your eyes", he thought. The nearer the search got, the closer to the…

A thought for Peace!

The truth they say will set you free. this is very true from my experience, the only trouble sometimes is the journey you have to take to arrive at the truth. The judiciary I think describes truth as relative.

Our perception of truth varies depending on the context of which truth, whose and what so I get a headache trying to reconcile the truth will set you free without contextualising it. In short, this statement can sometimes be difficult to swallow.

As for me, it seems like I am sitting in a calm before the storm and my one true perception of truth right now is to match this external calm with an inner calm, anticipate and give a thought for peace.

The world at different times, has experienced peacemakers, some at just the right time for the peace they made and others not. Our world right now, needs the peacemakers more than ever with the upheavals in the arab world, war in Afghanistan and also certain parts of africa. People should be more focused on helping to further peace and supp…