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Free Your Mind.....

Does anyone remember this quote "Free your mind and your ass will follow"? Well I do, and I constantly remind myself of it so that I can rise above petty jealousies, prejudices and negative vibes. None of us is perfect as human beings but we have to make that special effort to recognise the flaw in ourselves and adjust accordingly.

It is even harder nowadays to do, because human aspiration changes with time and conditions. What we thought was most important to us ten years ago may not necessarily be the case now. Sometimes it is because our objective has changed in the first place or we have realised the goals previously set and it is only natural to set the next goal.

Due to revolutionary changes in information technology where virtually anything can be obtained or information accessed via the internet, our value system cannot but be affected by the number of things now available online.

Any new technology will always benefit us and can bring immense satisfaction and joy into …

No Culture Shock, please!

Less than 100 days to go to the summer Olympics, it is important for Londoners who come into close proximity with foreign visitors, athletes, delegates and people of other cultures to be sensitive and as much as possible be aware of  acceptable and unacceptable norms. The most Innocent of gesture in the wrong company, could be misinterpreted as rude, unacceptable or taboo by other cultures. 

It is even more important for the visitors to our capital city during the games to familiarise themselves with our way of life in Britain and not misconstrue an innocent gesture of word or deed. They should remember the adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans" or words to that effect.

Seasoned travellers know what I am trying to say, especially those who mingle with the local population and inhabitants in the foreign lands that they visit. The people who make you feel the most welcome in any country in the world are the average citizenry of those places. They are never pretentious and are us…