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The Flaming Flamingoes (Part 3)

Warning!!If you are squeamish or easily scared, I would advise you skip part 3 of this story and wait for part 4 to be published. 
Don't go past this point! okay?
All right, where was I? Ah yes, my left arm swollen like a melon, that is, if you look from one angle and a pumpkin if you check it from a different angle, me crying like an son of a @%&/gun surrounded by first aiders and curious spectators. The whole of my left arm was supported by two others and myself, as we gingerly made for the rickety taxi magically summoned from somewhere. I was still sobbing as we headed toward the nearest hospital which was in a town about twenty five miles away. The country air that blew across my face as the taxi raced down the rural road,  had a bit of a calming effect, if I didn't look at my left arm or think about my situation, it kind of made the trip to the hospital more bearable until we rolled toward the gates of the general hospital, that is when the pain really got me and I almos…


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