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My blog site has been on a trial and error basis. I am trying to get partners and collaborators to work with. I am also seeking investors to come in with me and finance a business venture that will make a tidy profit for those who are willing to participate.

The current explosion within information technology has also created opportunities for those who have a talent for writing, making music, movie and documentary production. In short, despite the gloomy economic situation, the time for certain businesses to start up and thrive is now.

Although the chance to build a strong viable business exists, to actually plan, create a solid foundation and begin trading requires a lot of initial work that needs the input and the skills of certain professionals and an infusion of a decent working capital.

At present, I am rethinking my blog and also the direction of the sites that are currently active on the Internet. I will continue to write my short stories to entertain the visitors to my site bu…