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Which Way United States?

The American Presidential Election's poll shows the two candidates neck and neck but who will be the eventual winner? What does each man stand for? Which candidate represents special interests and lobbyists? Who will do more for the average citizen?

These are the questions I have been asking myself in the last few days. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? From the bottom of my heart, if I was a US citizen, I would vote for Obama the incumbent. The problem with US politics is usually the demands made upon candidates by the special interest donors who have become so significant in bankrolling candidates. The funds usually come with strings attached.

I have seen a young dynamic and optimistic Obama age in the last four years, not necessarily because of the demands from the average joe, but because of obstacles put in his way by Republicans who were determined to make him a lame duck president.

Despite all the aggravation, partisan politicking and some white American's aversion to a black m…