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Selfless Service!

It is very easy to criticize public officials, politicians and the most powerful individuals on the planet whose influence sometimes affect us all, in some way.

Now Obama sits comfortably on a chair in the Oval office, after a hard fought election, I wish him and the American citizenry the best in the next four years. I hope Mitt Romney realizes that he fought a noble campaign to unseat an incumbent President and gave us all a few worrying moments. I can assure him the right candidate eventually won the race. 

Our planet is going through some of the most challenging times in recent months and a change in the presidency in the most powerful nation on earth would have further added some uncertainty to the situation and the numerous changes currently taking place all over the globe. 

I was very proud to see many young Americans go out to vote last week and it seemed the majority voted for President Obama. I am impressed that the very young have now decided to be proactive, to influence and …