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International Traders.

While I'm working out in my head the next story, I have an idea that I want to share. It is (to me anyway), a commercial thought for all my friends, people in my circles and anyone else who may care to investigate the feasibility of such thought.

Using the Worldwide web, the people who are  seeking a specific product can be put in touch with those who have a specific or specialised product for sale, that way, they can all be of mutual benefit to each other. I know there are already on the web, certain sites and services offering something similar but, it is not exactly like I have in mind.

The world is changing. The way lots of things are done today, is not the way it was always done. New products are introduced into the marketplace daily. Some catch on, a lot don't. How can we tell which product is a good bet to invest in? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing I know, is that the most successful products, the ones that seem to have a decent shelf life in terms of longevi…


Newtown Same Old Story.
Another mass shooting in the United States, this time, a single individual armed to the teeth targets little children. The kids are taken out together with a few of their teachers before the gunman calmly takes his own life.
These incidents are happening more frequently than ever before and it is likely that they will keep happening until U.S. citizens decide to approach the problem realistically. That innocent little children who are no threat to anyone could be killed in such a senseless manner, is shocking. 
My condolences go to the parents of the little angels who were shot, the families of the brave teachers who paid the ultimate price protecting their wards. The US president, Barack Obama has expressed his outrage at the latest incident. He looked as shocked as the rest of us.
Only Americans can resolve the matter of gun control within their own borders. Only Americans can ask themselves the questions that need to be asked and the rest of us can only pray tha…