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Can You See Me? What? How?

The Inspiration!

Believe it or not, the story Can you see Me? Was inspired by science.

 It has been a common misconception on our planet, that the people living in less developed countries are backward and superstitious. It is also easy to forget that if you remove skin pigmentation and cultural affinities, there is no difference between us. Black, White or Brown, we are all equal in the eyes of God, Creation and the Universe.

Science and technology have a momentum all their own that usually, in most cases anyway, makes no allowance for religion, morality nor ethics. The great leap in development by western nations was because scientific and technological discoveries were recorded, written and preserved for future generations to access through education and research. With written records, it was easy to build on these scientific discoveries, build machines with the new technologies to conquer the sea. With superior weaponry, it was easy to overpower and influence the lesser nations.

In Af…