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Cruising With An African Queen!

Nigerian Celebrity and Star!
I was in Royal company last Saturday night. In the same car as Salawa Abeni on her way to a gig!
Queen Salawa permitted me to ride in her car after making sure I was aware of Yoruba traditions and protocols. She was very gracious indeed.
So, there I was, cruising down the North Circular road, shoulder to shoulder with a Celebrity Singer. A Child Star and now a Queen. I felt privileged and lucky that I happened in the right place at the right time, not only to meet a woman of immense talent and culture, but to be actually in the same car with an actual African Queen.

Queen Salawa Abeni was kind, dignified and courteous throughout the journey. I was pleasantly surprised that we had a lot in common. My love of music and African culture has made me aware of Salawa's career from when she was a little girl and a star on the Nigerian music scene so many years ago.

A massive star in Nigeria, she has entertained fans worldwide. Has performed for the rich and powerfu…