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It's Cosy Upstairs!


A beautiful lady ascends the stage. Shy, she quietly picks up her guitar and sings us a song. Just her, and the guitar. Her voice was strong and she was so pretty. I knew I was going to have a great evening.

Namvula sings about her African roots with a great melodic voice. Her musicians were with her as we the audience were entertained.

This event was part of the London African Music Festival. The shows have been spread through London and will conclude on Sunday 22nd September.

Mainstream music is thrust upon us all. Sometimes almost as much as we're deluged by information. I find it refreshing to stray from the over-beaten track and seek out different and more effective sounds.
Found it last Sunday. Upstairs at the Ritzy in Brixton.
The audience was a great one whose musical tastes seemed to have developed to like and appreciate the sophisticated folk songs and music from the African continent.  
Namvula's was a fusion of African songs, lovely bass riffs and …