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Sister Fa!

Not An Average Rap Artist!
Sister Fa can rap better than most. She can sing and her show is electrifying! I watched her at The Flyover Portobello on Friday, 20th September and was really mesmerised by her performance.
Fatou Diatta a.k.a. Sister Fa has dominated Senegalese hip hop for most of the last decade with a powerful flow, great melodies and a bewitching personality. A symbol of the emerging liberation of African womanhood, her lyrics empower and inspires women of the world to assert themselves in a male dominated world.
Her music is peppered with influences from hardcore rap, Senegalese pop and innovative reggae. Multilingual, she sings in French, English, Wolof, Manding and Jola. Her album 'Sarabah - Tales From The Flipside of Paradise' is very rich indeed, covering lots of styles and languages.

A campaigner for women's right and a champion in the fight against female genital mutilation in Africa and the globe, it was unsurprising that there were a lot of young women i…