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Hackney Attic

A taste of the Gambia and Senegal in one evening!It was Saturday 21st September and I was at Hackney Attic. Another evening of African music during the London african Music Festival. This one was presented by Laura Mills.
I came to see Fofoula featuring members of Outhouse Ruhabi, the highly acclaimed Outhouse project with their own distinct sound. A creative vision that embraces each member's musical personality, combines and brings together a fresh and unique musical experience.

The core of the music is mainly from the Gambia. African praise songs fused with guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, saxophone and the African Sabar created and underpinned by electronic sound textures. These musicians knew their stuff.
The audience was a mix of all nations coming together in peace and harmony to enjoy the musical experience. 

The support band, Minn Jiarabi fronted by the charismatic guitarist, singer/songwriter from Senegal Abdoulaye Samb, were quite impressive indeed. Their sound was a mix of t…