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Death of a Civil Servant

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A Chekhovian Tale:
A. P. Chekhov was born in 1860. In 1879 he enrolled in the Medical Faculty of Moscow University to study medicine. By 1888 at the age of twenty eight, he had published over five hundred short fiction stories. Most of them comic stories and farce.. His stories were published in weekly magazines and newspapers to help pay his bills while he studied. 
Death of a Civil Servant (1883)

Ivan Dmitrich Kreepikov was sitting in the second row and watching The Chimes of Normandythrough opera glasses one fine evening. As he watched, he felt on top of the world. Suddenly, his face puckered, his eyes rolled upwards, his breathing ceased..lowering his opera glasses, he bent forward, and…atchoo!!! He sneezed.
Now, sneezing isn't prohibi…