Saturday, 25 February 2012


I want to balance out my last couple of blogs by focussing today on positives and the indestructibility of the human spirit. People seem to acknowledge courage on the battle field but find it harder to reconcile and identify courage during peace time.

The easiest thing to do in times of conflict and anger is to strike out. It is harder to exercise restraint during these times and I consider those who no matter what the provocation, never ever lose it. Those are the true heroes.

Some of the most positive achievements that has brought us to where we are today, have been discoveries of the last 100 years. Also the time it takes from discovery and development to manufacture and eventual availability to the public seems to much be much quicker.

True some of the most revolutionary discoveries have come out of conflict and warfare, but not most. Even that being the case for some, the foundation stones for such discoveries were founded in peace time.

Giant leaps in agriculture, manufacture and business has enabled the globe and the people who live on it to be transformed into a new era where our future is in our own hands. The possibilities are endless for all we the inhabitants as long as we don't allow the counsels of violence and impatience to spoil it.

If we use our technological skills positively and wisely, it will bring nations together rather than divide and we will find new ways to resolve conflict.

It is up to each and everyone of us to help the agenda of peace and understanding spread to all corners of the earth. Each one of us can in our own little way help with the advancement of the brotherhood of man.

A fine weekend to you all out there!


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