Sunday, 26 February 2012

What's the Story?

Some reading my blog so far would wrongly conclude they know what it is all about. We all try to second guess, it is a way of showing others how smart we are. In my case, don't! You will be so far off the mark that you wont know what hit you.

Chill, sit back and relax, the real story is coming. I promise! It will be a matter of timing, but we will see.

Music is a passion most of us share and it is one medium I can use to  articulate my emotions effectively and accurately. Moods and feeling that could take pages to express can be shared by a few well placed chords on an instrument of choice. That is the beauty of expression, a thing we all share.

Sound fascinates me, even the harsh, dull off key and noisy have some kind of relevance to me. Sweet, tender and pleasant sounds have a profound effect and a relevance of sorts to almost everyone. Music has  proved to be important to our lives (our moods can be influenced covertly and sometimes overtly) and each generation can identify specific moments with certain songs and soundtracks. Film makers also effectively use music and sounds to heighten our senses in good movies.

Thank God for music in our lives. What kind of world would it be without this unique way of expressing emotion. For me, music has been the release valve that has helped to release all the bad vibes and baggage certain individuals tried to burden me with.

The right time for my story will be when I can detach myself and my emotions from the actual experiences and therefore tell it in a non partisan and non emotional state of mind. The story is coming just.......

Watch this space!


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