Wednesday, 2 May 2012

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Kalakuta Tales are stories relating to Kalakuta Republic the residence and community of the late Afro beat king, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The interactions within the organisation of musicians, dee jays, dancers, artistes. The intrigues and struggles with various military regimes in Nigeria at the time. The authorities constant raids in search of evidence to criminalise Fela. Government spies and agents trying to infiltrate Fela's organisation to get evidence to silence this thorn in their side.

Visits from international artistes and musicians coming to show Fela solidarity and also to express their admiration. Ginger Baker's stint in Nigeria included collaborative work with Fela which culminated in a recording at Abbey Road studios in London. The album was called "London Scene", these were the happening time in Nigeria. Paul and Linda McCartney happened to be in Nigeria during these exciting times also recording the wings album "Band on the Run" at EMI studios in Lagos. 

Fela's influence on the youth in Nigeria, military shenanigans is all in these tales up to and including what was then known as Kalakuta Show, the storming and burning to the ground of Fela's Kalakuta Republic residence by over 1000 soldiers from the Nigerian military. 

Tours with Roy Ayers, our take on all of these and more, stories from the important players, youthful perspectives and the general opinion within Nigeria.

A few cronies of the military justifying the heavy handedness of the government of the day by asking how you can have a republic within a republic completely missing the point that a military junta cannot call itself a republic, it is a dictatorship.

This is coming soon!

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Nothing like this anywhere, only on my site.! has these and more to offer. Financiers, movie producers, writers, documentary makers and lovers of Afro beat music, I am seeking collaborators for a number of  projects about the above and much, much, more.........


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