Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Flaming Flamingoes!

Flaming Flamingoes: A football Story 

We called ourselves the flaming flamingoes and happened to be the most exciting seven a side team of our era. This was a team dear to my heart because I conceived, planned and with the help of a few friends, made it happen. 

I was already a member of a senior team of semi-professional players, but that only made me a small part of a bigger team which I felt privileged to belong to as I was very young and liked the attention and look of awe my playing provoked in the eyes of the spectators.

I was never a humble player, I was a stubborn one, and because of my demeanour the older boys would try to hurt me by committing various wicked tackles and fouls on me. The harder they chopped at me, the more determined I was to make them look stupid. It worked for me a lot of the time and there have been a lot of guys who quit playing altogether because I made them look so clumsy, some even lost their chicks after they revealed on the football field what wicked souls they really were. I must admit also that there were many a days I also considered quitting because of the agony caused me by some wicked chops I never saw coming.

Playing with older guys can be fun sometimes, but not always, as you tend to be the one they love to order around and you end up in the position of one guy saying one thing and the other guy saying the exact opposite. You can imagine what happens if we lose a match, yes, I get blamed for it! The senior guy that would vehemently bully me out of my position would never admit to his error and being the little kid, I would have to suffer the consequences, until next time.

It was Solly that asked me one day why I was putting up with all that nonsense from these guys that I had worked so hard to keep in some tough games, where we came from behind to achieve a virtual impossibility. Worse was the fact that none of them ever stuck up for me when members and supporters of the other team would threaten and intimidate me prior to a match in attempts to put me off my game and demoralise.

Two regional trophies and a runners-up medal in a third was proof of the effectiveness of the senior team I played for, but after the match has become a distant memory, credit for our achievements never ever came my way and people who never contributed to our team or it's success were sometimes given privileges they didn't deserve. All of these I put up with until the day I suffered an injury that put me in hospital.

(To be continued)



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