Thursday, 16 August 2012

Onward to Rio!

The London 2012 Olympic torch has been passed on to the next host Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, South America. Just like in the relay races, the torch like the baton is passed on with the spirit and excitement that attended London this summer.

Sports galore at the Olympic games proper and fun, fun, fun at the cultural Olympiad. Those that attended the games as well as a world audience appreciated the spirit, the joy and the spontaneity that occurs when human beings flock together in a spirit of togetherness and a common cause.

The World and Olympic records that were smashed in London was just an added bonus to a games that will be talked about for a long, long time. Now Rio the lucky recipient of this legacy at least has a benchmark to aim for, and it will be London.

The world eagerly awaits and anticipates Rio in four years time. Meanwhile, it's not all over yet. The Paralympic games begin here in London next week and the roller coaster of a ride will begin again as disabled athletes take to their various events. I wish all of them well and just like channel four television has been saying... "Thanks for the Warm-up."

I will be watching all the sports that I can muster but at the same time have to remember that I have work to do, I just have to look for a balanced approach to the way I work which means I may have to be a bit more organised in the way I do things. That is usually easier said than done where I'm concerned but just have to keep trying.

Anyway people, so far, it has been a blast!



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