Monday, 6 August 2012

So far so good!

The Olympic games here in London has kept me so transfixed, I have left quite a few chores undone. I say a few but it's actually a lot of stuff I need to catch up with doing.

I am supposed to be re-organising stuff in the house and on my sites, so I have had builders, carpenters and painters in and out of my premises, it feels like Victoria station sometimes in my crib. And while these guys get on with their work, I can't actually do any creative work so I'm glued to the telly watching the magnificent games.

The media and other outlets out there can describe the events and happenings of London 2012 better than I can. But so far it has been a great spectacle. I promise that my blog posts will be more frequent and consistent from next week even though the paralympics will be the next agenda and I will be having the whole floor of my premises re tiled, I will just have to suck it up.

You see, I have some very interesting sounds that needs producing, a gospel album currently in production, web sites to plan and launch, efforts at monetising the existing sites (we all have to eat you know), attend to my creative writing projects one of which happens to be the contemporaneous stories told on my blogs (currently featured is the Flaming Flamingoes which will reach it's conclusion shortly) and a lot more stuff I cannot divulge yet. All these with a staff of three, Me, Myself and I. Nobody else! Help!

YouTube account opened but I'm still salivating helplessly trying to get my teeth into that too. All of these as well as find time to write (and sometimes re-write) songs and tunes, arrange, record, mix (sometimes re-mix) on equipment that costs less than five hundred pounds in total is a feat to be witnessed to be believed, especially when it is just I and I.

I love to read but I can't afford that luxury now and it feels like I'm going through some jones or withdrawal symptoms or something that I feel the need to contact  to alleviate this jones. I usually find great titles here. Of course there is a lot more outlets out there as more and more people are getting into this habit. I have some catching up to do to get well.

Still, don't feel sorry for me, it's all self inflicted and when the machinery works, boy does it satisfy and make everything so worthwhile and rewarding for everyone. If I touch just one individual with my music and creative work, then it has been worthwhile. I just hope that my friends within this forum will be the first to patronise my music when they are eventually released for sale. It would make me so happy to know that the various circles within which I am entangled have my back. 

I will close for now because I need to go practice. Oh didn't I say? Yes I have to play all the instruments in my recordings personally as well. Well as the saying goes, "Happy Days".

Stay cool,


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