Thursday, 9 August 2012

Women's Soccer, U.S.A. Rules!

United States of America's women's soccer team have retained their undisputed crown as world champions by taking the Olympic gold medal at London 2012.

The US's women soccer team have dominated the world of women's football for quite a while now. There is no doubt that these girls could play, and the way they played showed a desire and love for the game of soccer. I congratulate them.

Overall, London 2012 has shown the world that women's soccer can be just as entertaining as the men's game. As women take part in more and more competition, there has been a tremendous improvement in their skill, bringing their game to a very high level.

In today's final against Japan, the US did not have it all their own way. Japan made the United States work hard for their 2-1 victory. As a matter of fact the story could have been very different indeed but for some brilliant saves from the US goalkeeper Hope Solo, and a couple of possible penalties that the officials missed, it could have been Japan that was celebrating a gold medal win.

One of the reason for US women's domination of soccer is down to the enthusiasm these girls display and the positive attitude that makes them to keep going forward and attacking their opponents until the final whistle.

Japan's women played very well and the silver medal they won could just easily have been gold as I said earlier. Both teams in my opinion are worthy ambassadors for women's football and I know there will be even better matches in future. Just watch.

As for me, I am glad that the game of soccer is progressive and enlightened enough to be at the forefront of encouraging women to play and excel at soccer. It is a sign to all that despite all the problems in the world today, we at least get some things right.

To all lovers of soccer,the men, the women and the kids out there, today has been a great day for the sport. I love you all.



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