Sunday, 9 September 2012

Paralympics moves to Rio!

It has been a wonderful summer this year and the London Olympics made it so, it has been sports galore, medals galore and the world and Olympic records that were smashed, made it all the more spectacular and interesting to everybody watching from all over the globe.

Usain Bolt did not disappoint and all the participants of this years games were a credit to their respective nations. We witnessed every human emotion possible during London 2012 and everyone agrees that it has been a tremendous games.

Tonight marks the end of the Paralympics which is culminating in a spectacular closing ceremony. All the participants should be very proud of the high standards of performance that they attained, these achievements I am sure will be built upon at Rio de Janeiro in four years time.

Despite turmoil and war in some parts of our planet, the london games have been a welcome distraction to the troubles in the different parts of the world and will remain a beacon of tolerance and peace which is abundant within the human family.

I wish to thank all the brave participants of this years Paralympic games who have shown courage, discipline and determination in achieving their goals of qualifying and representing their various countries at sports.

It was at these games that I noticed that a lot of disabled sports men and women were fitter and more able than some able bodied people that I know. It is a testament to the determination and hard work of the individual sportsmen and women and I salute them all.

Well, until Rio de Janeiro in four years time, this is me saying,


Stay blessed,



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