Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Flaming Flamingoes

Stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, place and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and places is totally coincidental

Sitting there patiently in our sponsor's house, I tried to convince the man's nephew to at least give me a hint about what the big man had in mind, but Jackie only smiled and shook his head. "Wait, he will be here any minute", was all I could get out of him.

I was starting to get a bit fidgety at the suspense, it was beginning to take it's toll on me and I was on the verge of making an excuse, so I could make a fast getaway when the man walked in. He was a handsome man, well over six feet tall with an athletic build. Probably in his mid thirties, he had on just a tee shirt,  jeans and slippers. He walked briskly into the room and casually sat on one of the stools by the mini bar. He grinned at his nephew before he turned and fixed his gaze directly at me. Although, there was no malice in his examination, I still felt a little nervous and quickly looked away from him for a second.

A popular businessman, everyone knew him as Chief Soma but he asked me to call him Dan, that was fine by me. After an initial  polite conversation, he moved closer and took the chair opposite mine, asked what I planned on doing now that the competition looks unlikely to take place. I still had my spot on the senior team, so scrapping the junior contest mean't that I would disband the Flamingos and continue to play on the senior side, I explained. He contemplated my answer for a few seconds, glanced at his nephew sitting next to the bar, a look passed between them. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"As a businessman, I don't quit easily", he said, "if I had given up on any of my early deals at the slightest hint of problems, I would not have been successful in business". "Every problem has a solution, and I think I have one",he continued," just tell me what you think about the solution I am about to propose to you". Without wasting any time, he laid out his proposal.

Chief Dan Soma's idea was for a single match to take place between my Flamingos and the Monarchs where the winning team takes all the prize money and also gets financial sponsorship from Dan's company. He had heard so much about my team from his nephew that he thought it would be a shame no one would ever see us in action. The controversy amongst players and football fans about which  soccer team would have won the junior contest would also be settled once and for all.

This was music to my ears, we would at least get to play even though it would be one game, it was certainly better than no game at all. I would get the opportunity to at least give Zeke and the Monarchs a bloody nose on the soccer pitch. Zeke had been boasting to his friends about how lucky we Flamingos were that the competition was unlikely to happen and my team had virtually escaped being slaughtered on the playing field by his side. I asked Dan if he could get the Monarchs to commit to the game, he smiled and asked me to let him worry about that.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough so I could go give my team mates the news,  after thanking Dan for his generosity and support I made my way toward his front door beaming. I was excitedly talking to Jackie that I didn't notice her until I bumped into her and knocked her to the floor. Helping her up, I recognised her, it was one of the girls I had seen the previous day with the well dressed lady. That lady was now coming down the spiral staircase of Dan's home. It suddenly struck home she was Dan's wife and I had just clumsily knocked her daughter to the floor. I fled.

(to be continued...)


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