Friday, 5 October 2012

Why not Adapt This for Kids too!

Google have introduced Ads for Bloggers, while skimming through, I came across this one product that was relevant to a conversation I had three weeks ago with a friend of mine on Facebook. I saw a picture taken in a town in Nigeria with a woman riding a bicycle with a baby strapped to her back, another child about eight years old was riding pillion behind also with a baby strapped to her back too. All this on a busy Nigerian road with cars and trucks whizzing by.

I exclaimed my horror at the danger all four faced and commented that this risk would never be tolerated anywhere in Western Europe in contrast to other comments who were praising this obviously enterprising mother's ingeniouity. My friends disagreed and claimed I had been away too long. Obviously, they have somehow been desentisized to this sort of thing and look at this as normal.

I would appeal to NGOs operating in Nigeria with overseas aid to at least try and facilitate mothers such as these with a rickshaw type vehicle or a product similar to the one below but modified for people instead of animals.

This product is ideal for ailing pets and even fit ones who would like to accompany their owners on a bike ride. It is uncanny how a conversation I had a few short weeks ago is suddenly reflected on this particular advertisement. In short, I'll recommend it! The most durable is the one below and NGO's interested in child safety in developing countries should consider a way to adapt and mass distribute this  piece of equipment. 

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I am back! Next Flamingo story will be published soon. Stay with me people.

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