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International Traders.

While I'm working out in my head the next story, I have an idea that I want to share. It is (to me anyway), a commercial thought for all my friends, people in my circles and anyone else who may care to investigate the feasibility of such thought.

Using the Worldwide web, the people who are  seeking a specific product can be put in touch with those who have a specific or specialised product for sale, that way, they can all be of mutual benefit to each other. I know there are already on the web, certain sites and services offering something similar but, it is not exactly like I have in mind.

The world is changing. The way lots of things are done today, is not the way it was always done. New products are introduced into the marketplace daily. Some catch on, a lot don't. How can we tell which product is a good bet to invest in? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing I know, is that the most successful products, the ones that seem to have a decent shelf life in terms of longevity, are the ones targeted toward our needs firstly, and our wants second, usually in that order of priority.

Getting to know people and what they do (at least as their profile suggests) got me thinking along these lines, that is, to get an International trading link or a network going that can benefit those with a bent for such. Maybe have our own international traders forum, giving out information about import and export procedures of the different countries that we live in. That way, we promote local businesses, those that manufacture, produce or sell services that can be even more beneficial to other communities or groups that are based overseas. 

Anyone, individual, group, sole traders and professional people looking to source specific products in any continent on our globe could post in the forum and get more hands on deck to find it. A friend mentioned to me that the audio visual equipment that was used during an international arts festival has ceased to function. The equipment is no longer on sale and the manufacturers may have ceased trading. Some of the tapes of those historical events are deteriorating fast and they need restoration even faster. To find out more contact to help in rescuing one of the greatest music and art treasures, films and recordings from an international festival that promoted unity and peace amongst the minority peoples of the world.  Any person who knows about audio visual recording equipment from the 70's please make contact. 

Complacency is in part responsible for the current global economic depression. Over-dependency on doing things the way those things had always been done regardless of the changes happening all around us. Today, the changes seem to be happening even faster, new products are coming in eclipsing their predecessor. But are we getting our moneys worth? Are we utilising them to their full potential? That is the question for the individual end user to ask themselves. I think most will answer an honest no.

You can be sure that new ideas and concepts will drive the usage of new products that come into the marketplace. A lot of products have benefited from creative people's ingenuity whereby the product's usage went way beyond the scope they were intended for. Ideas are a powerful thing, they can change the world. An example could be who work at concepts, always  looking for new ways of doing things, employing conceptual artists to help improve certain products that would be coming into the marketplace. Examining and recommending alterations when necessary. They also work with people in the entertainment field, with ideas, creators and sometimes with teams of professionals, when it is necessary.

Back to my idea, get like-minded people together into a group that can work at having alternatives to mainstream ideas and new uses for some products. Having a form of international co-operative that will benefit our communities while at the same time, we help each other. I have been trying my hands at trading without having to put in a substantial amount of capital, and I will admit it hasn't been easy, my workload skyrocketed. A few of these are Derenton'sMyFlabberwasGasted a health and vitality site and International traders can help in the sale and distribution of products worldwide while at the same time they could create competition for the vested interests who have been complacent and have enabled the cost of certain products and services worldwide to skyrocket.

I had a boss who was fond of asking me to think outside the box but he never really meant it. He used that phrase probably because he heard it used by his own bosses. This was a mob you needed to see to believe. The company never changed their modus operandi from inception, they used the same suppliers all of the time regardless of increasing cost of the supplies. Nothing was re-evaluated in the way the business was conducted. Then along came I, full of ideas about new and better ways of working and doing things that could in the long run benefit my employer. I was constantly in trouble, whenever my boss got information that I was working differently from ancient procedures that were introduced in 1966, an investigatory/disciplinary panel would be hastily assembled (they mostly fizzled into nothingness) as my boss looked for an appropriate excuse to fire me. His last line of defence whenever I enquired about their reluctance to adapt to the changing and ever more sophisticated marketplace was always "that is the way we have always done things." 

I thought outside of the box most of the time I worked for this employer. Whenever I achieved outstanding results, my immediate boss took all of the glory and kept my name completely out of the frame, taking the credit without any apology for his previous inquisitorial behaviour toward me. Obsessive in covering their backsides, the bosses in this well known company were in a class of their own. Victimising and harassing those of us who have a semblance of original thought while spouting the phrase "think outside the box" without knowing what it really meant.

I have read a lot of posts, especially those on g+. A lot of talented people are out there, trying to better themselves in these changing times, Google is doing what they can to encourage intelligent people to take their own destiny into their own hands and are constantly giving us tools we may use to achieve that goal. To develop ideas and implement a profitable enterprise with my peers, I need to get them believing in the possibilities. If the idea benefits our communities while at the same time it creates a profitable niche, it would not be hard to get people to be passionate about the venture. One individual that comes to mind is +Rizvi Zohdi who has impressed me as a conceptual thinker, a person I can probably work and co-operate with if the right opportunity presents itself.

So, if you are seeking certain goods and products that are not easily available in your neck of the woods or you are seeking cheaper alternatives to what is currently available to you. Or you have, make or sell certain products that is  better and maybe even cheaper to use in another part of the world, well that is an opportunity right there.

Who is with me? Can we serve humanity while at the same time work profitably for ourselves? I think we can.

Think about it!



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