Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Flaming Flamingoes.

Stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, place and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and places is totally coincidental.

"What are we going to do?" asked Ade, "don't know," I replied, a little bit distracted by two very good looking females talking to a tall well dressed middle aged woman who judging by her body language could  have been a relative of either one or both of the lovely ladies I was checking out. "Chigro, be serious man," said Ade, miffed because he took the glazed and distracted look in my eyes to be a sort of nonchalance on my part. "I need to know what is happening, are we going to play or not?" he said.

I wasn't ignoring him nor was I nonchalant, I was trying to recall where I had seen the tall well dressed lady, but I couldn't remember, that was the only reason I seemed distant. Calming Ade, I asked him to give me a few days and I will get back to him, he wanted to play so bad. The hassle with Zeke and his Monarchs had him so riled, he couldn't wait to get on the pitch with them. I had everything else to think about and coordinate, I felt he was lucky not to be in my shoes. I also had to go and see Jackie and his uncle before I decided what to do next.

I approached Jackie's home with trepidation, his uncle's generosity had been rewarded with some kind of theft or other. Worse, he lived in his uncle's mansion on the outskirts of town and I was not looking forward to meeting the great man. What could I say to him? Nada! The next hour or so will probably be filled with me eating humble pie and not being able to look anyone in the eye. I sauntered past the Benz in the driveway and rang the doorbell.

I was even more on edge seeing Jackie smiling as he opened their front door. He led me through a beautiful hallway, through an arched entrance into a magnificent room that had an all white colour, cream coloured furniture and plenty of glass ornaments tastefully placed to complement this interior. To my right was a spiral staircase that probably led to their living quarters upstairs. We walked through another smaller door that took us into a passageway, past the kitchen on our left and straight ahead to the back door. We were now in a sort of conservatory decked out with straight backed chairs, a couple of wicker chairs positioned around a circular table.

"What can I get you," he asked, from behind a mini bar. I shook my head, I couldn't speak and my mouth had suddenly gone dry from the embarrassment that had also put a knot in my stomach. " I've got bad news" I said, trying to get this ordeal over with so I can make a quick exit from their house before his uncle makes an appearance. "We heard about the competition being scrapped," Jackie said. I looked at him dumbfounded, "so you know!" He smiled, "of course, my uncle always keeps an eye on his investments, that is why he is so successful a business man, we know it's not your fault, relax man." I let out a sigh of relief, a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders and I began to feel light headed. It was a good feeling.

"WE have a proposition for you but I would rather you hear it from my uncle" he explained. Now I was really puzzled...

(To be continued...)

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Flaming Flamingoes

Stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, place and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and places is totally coincidental

"I don't believe it" says Solly, leaning against the swing at the children's playground of a local school. "Well it's true," I said, as we waited in this strategic place. Surprisingly I was calm while everyone else seemed tense. We were waiting for Ade to come from around the corner, most of the members of our team was present. On the other side of the school's building was the soccer pitch where we practised, it was out of sight from those going about their normal business and the incurious, which was why we chose it. 

My news was supposed to wait until every member of the team was present, it never happened that way. As soon as I arrived and with only a few of us present, I blurted it out, and the news more or less trickled to the rest of the players as each one arrived. Now only Ade needed to be told that the competition was going to be cancelled. Although the facts had not yet been fully established, it was quite easy to guess that someone had probably embezzled the donations, our entry fees and the prize money/purse set aside for the contest.

Now with Ade in our midst, we gave him the bad news. "The competition is not happening mate," Etemeke tells him. Usually a mild mannered and easy going fellow, Ade's demeanour crumbled and he basically went mental, "no way, no way are they going to call everything off," he yelled, "I've had to sneak around and lie to my parents, and now it's off? No bloody way." I was speechless, this wasn't the easy going, calm and mild mannered guy I knew, but I understood his frustration. We had been training hard and had begun to play like a proper team, also some kind of belief that we could take on any soccer team and prevail had begun to wash over us at training.

My thoughts went much deeper than the disappointment of not playing the game, or showing up with a team of individuals with exceptional talent or the exhilaration of going through all the matches, getting to the final and eventually lifting the trophy. All of that meant nothing to me, I had been there before and experienced these feelings the previous year with the senior team and I had a winner's medal to show for it, but not much else. This team, the flamingos on the other hand, would have topped that easily. I had so much confidence in my team and our ability that I'd commissioned an artist to design a poster dedicated to my team as a promotional tool to get the crowds to come watch our games, now it seems that expense would be a waste as well, but at least that was my own money. My main regret was Jackie and his uncle who had so kindly sponsored my team and had spent good money to help us enter the contest and done so much more. How can I go and tell him that everything has been scrapped?

Because Zeke and his cohorts, not happy with the way I rejected their invitation to join the Monarchs, had decided to thwart my efforts and before the competition was cancelled, had embarked on a campaign of intimidating and harassing anyone they felt was on my side of the fence. Some who tried to stay neutral and sit on the fence were not spared either. There was a lot of talk from the Monarch camp about how they were going to brush their teeth with the flamingos and make a meal of the other teams lined up to face them. But their emphasis was always on how they were going to humiliate Chigro's Flamingos. I, on the other hand said nothing and just waited to do my talking on the soccer field. Now it was off, cancelled, kaput.

(To be continued)...

Onward to Rio!

The London 2012 Olympic torch has been passed on to the next host Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, South America. Just like in the relay races, the torch like the baton is passed on with the spirit and excitement that attended London this summer.

Sports galore at the Olympic games proper and fun, fun, fun at the cultural Olympiad. Those that attended the games as well as a world audience appreciated the spirit, the joy and the spontaneity that occurs when human beings flock together in a spirit of togetherness and a common cause.

The World and Olympic records that were smashed in London was just an added bonus to a games that will be talked about for a long, long time. Now Rio the lucky recipient of this legacy at least has a benchmark to aim for, and it will be London.

The world eagerly awaits and anticipates Rio in four years time. Meanwhile, it's not all over yet. The Paralympic games begin here in London next week and the roller coaster of a ride will begin again as disabled athletes take to their various events. I wish all of them well and just like channel four television has been saying... "Thanks for the Warm-up."

I will be watching all the sports that I can muster but at the same time have to remember that I have work to do, I just have to look for a balanced approach to the way I work which means I may have to be a bit more organised in the way I do things. That is usually easier said than done where I'm concerned but just have to keep trying.

Anyway people, so far, it has been a blast!



Thursday, 9 August 2012

Women's Soccer, U.S.A. Rules!

United States of America's women's soccer team have retained their undisputed crown as world champions by taking the Olympic gold medal at London 2012.

The US's women soccer team have dominated the world of women's football for quite a while now. There is no doubt that these girls could play, and the way they played showed a desire and love for the game of soccer. I congratulate them.

Overall, London 2012 has shown the world that women's soccer can be just as entertaining as the men's game. As women take part in more and more competition, there has been a tremendous improvement in their skill, bringing their game to a very high level.

In today's final against Japan, the US did not have it all their own way. Japan made the United States work hard for their 2-1 victory. As a matter of fact the story could have been very different indeed but for some brilliant saves from the US goalkeeper Hope Solo, and a couple of possible penalties that the officials missed, it could have been Japan that was celebrating a gold medal win.

One of the reason for US women's domination of soccer is down to the enthusiasm these girls display and the positive attitude that makes them to keep going forward and attacking their opponents until the final whistle.

Japan's women played very well and the silver medal they won could just easily have been gold as I said earlier. Both teams in my opinion are worthy ambassadors for women's football and I know there will be even better matches in future. Just watch.

As for me, I am glad that the game of soccer is progressive and enlightened enough to be at the forefront of encouraging women to play and excel at soccer. It is a sign to all that despite all the problems in the world today, we at least get some things right.

To all lovers of soccer,the men, the women and the kids out there, today has been a great day for the sport. I love you all.



Monday, 6 August 2012

So far so good!

The Olympic games here in London has kept me so transfixed, I have left quite a few chores undone. I say a few but it's actually a lot of stuff I need to catch up with doing.

I am supposed to be re-organising stuff in the house and on my sites, so I have had builders, carpenters and painters in and out of my premises, it feels like Victoria station sometimes in my crib. And while these guys get on with their work, I can't actually do any creative work so I'm glued to the telly watching the magnificent games.

The media and other outlets out there can describe the events and happenings of London 2012 better than I can. But so far it has been a great spectacle. I promise that my blog posts will be more frequent and consistent from next week even though the paralympics will be the next agenda and I will be having the whole floor of my premises re tiled, I will just have to suck it up.

You see, I have some very interesting sounds that needs producing, a gospel album currently in production, web sites to plan and launch, efforts at monetising the existing sites (we all have to eat you know), attend to my creative writing projects one of which happens to be the contemporaneous stories told on my blogs (currently featured is the Flaming Flamingoes which will reach it's conclusion shortly) and a lot more stuff I cannot divulge yet. All these with a staff of three, Me, Myself and I. Nobody else! Help!

YouTube account opened but I'm still salivating helplessly trying to get my teeth into that too. All of these as well as find time to write (and sometimes re-write) songs and tunes, arrange, record, mix (sometimes re-mix) on equipment that costs less than five hundred pounds in total is a feat to be witnessed to be believed, especially when it is just I and I.

I love to read but I can't afford that luxury now and it feels like I'm going through some jones or withdrawal symptoms or something that I feel the need to contact  to alleviate this jones. I usually find great titles here. Of course there is a lot more outlets out there as more and more people are getting into this habit. I have some catching up to do to get well.

Still, don't feel sorry for me, it's all self inflicted and when the machinery works, boy does it satisfy and make everything so worthwhile and rewarding for everyone. If I touch just one individual with my music and creative work, then it has been worthwhile. I just hope that my friends within this forum will be the first to patronise my music when they are eventually released for sale. It would make me so happy to know that the various circles within which I am entangled have my back. 

I will close for now because I need to go practice. Oh didn't I say? Yes I have to play all the instruments in my recordings personally as well. Well as the saying goes, "Happy Days".

Stay cool,


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