Sunday, 11 November 2012

Selfless Service!

It is very easy to criticize public officials, politicians and the most powerful individuals on the planet whose influence sometimes affect us all, in some way.

Now Obama sits comfortably on a chair in the Oval office, after a hard fought election, I wish him and the American citizenry the best in the next four years. I hope Mitt Romney realizes that he fought a noble campaign to unseat an incumbent President and gave us all a few worrying moments. I can assure him the right candidate eventually won the race. 

Our planet is going through some of the most challenging times in recent months and a change in the presidency in the most powerful nation on earth would have further added some uncertainty to the situation and the numerous changes currently taking place all over the globe. 

I was very proud to see many young Americans go out to vote last week and it seemed the majority voted for President Obama. I am impressed that the very young have now decided to be proactive, to influence and to participate in the politics that would affect and could change the quality of their lives.

However, the main thrust of this post today, is to give thanks to those politicians, public officials and citizens of the world, who, in different countries of the globe do give service to humanity. Too many times the news is about self serving politicians and corrupt public officials stealing from public coffers, taking bribes and generally selling the citizenry out to the highest bidder.

I don't like to comment on politics, but since the US is relevant as the most powerful nation, it is important to pray for her to be stable and at peace with the rest of us. China too is picking a new leader to run that massive nation and it is important that she too remains stable.

Too many times, the focus of the media is on the negative things done by negative individuals, public officials and politicians. It sometimes gives the average man on the street, the impression that most rulers and politicians are corrupt and self serving. True, there are bad elements in government, police and the armed forces, but the vast majority are decent, law abiding citizens who go out each day all over the planet to give selfless service to their citizenry. It is those people, from presidents to pauper whom I will hail as the true heroes.

Those, who despite the challenges they face daily, go out of their way to make a difference in our lives, may God bless you all!


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Monday, 5 November 2012

Which Way United States?

The American Presidential Election's poll shows the two candidates neck and neck but who will be the eventual winner? What does each man stand for? Which candidate represents special interests and lobbyists? Who will do more for the average citizen?

These are the questions I have been asking myself in the last few days. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? From the bottom of my heart, if I was a US citizen, I would vote for Obama the incumbent. The problem with US politics is usually the demands made upon candidates by the special interest donors who have become so significant in bankrolling candidates. The funds usually come with strings attached.

I have seen a young dynamic and optimistic Obama age in the last four years, not necessarily because of the demands from the average joe, but because of obstacles put in his way by Republicans who were determined to make him a lame duck president.

Despite all the aggravation, partisan politicking and some white American's aversion to a black man occupying the white house, President Obama has done his damndest to deliver on his promises to the US electorate. He took the bulls by the horns and pushed through the bill on Obamacare while his opponents tried to tar him with the socialist brush. He has been consistent in being his own man. With Romney, I'm not so sure.

I find it hard to trust the Republican candidate who has confused me with contradictions, who I saw during the first debate take some piece of paper out of his pocket and slip that on to the rostrum while the media and America pretended not to notice. Nobody has since asked him to clarify what he took out of his pocket and placed on the rostrum. At the time he was declared the winner of that debate, it seemed that the governor cheated and had notes to guide him to that victory.

It was a republican president who uttered the words "read my lips, no new taxes" only to renege at the first opportunity. The republican party are so desperate to get back into the white house they will say and promise anything to achieve this objective. Mitt Romney is trying to use the economic issue to get elected, playing upon the fears of the squeezed middle class. I credit the US Electorate with the intelligence to see through the sound bites and hype. If in doubt, they should just rewind their camcorders or access the start of the first debate that Romney is supposed to have won. Look carefully as Mr Romney reaches the podium and takes his hand out of his pocket. What was that white piece of paper he deftly slips on to the rostrum. Is that a man fit to be President?

So which way America?

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