Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye '12, Hello 2013!

To you! Yes, you my friend, a happy 2013 to y'all. Whatever you are doing, where ever you may be, may this new year bring with it peace, joy and a blessed new year.

I have brought back the music widget to indulge those that visit. The song tracks were put together very quickly so visitors can at least listen to some music while they are here. Please enjoy it.

The next story is taking shape and should hit this blog hopefully on 10th January or thereabouts. The title will probably be "Can You See Me?" and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Please excuse editorial mistakes,  the stories I put here are written in real time. Until I get a volunteer to do editorial work, anything can happen. There will be times when I probably will stumble, please accept my apologies in advance.

The new year is upon us, have a fine one!


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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to the World!

Today is Christmas day, a time Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of the Savior, our Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. He was the original soul man, the no. 1 soul brother, who showed us the way to live. He was a teacher who had no equal, he taught us that above all else, love is the key. To love our fellow human beings as much as we love ourselves.

I wish the whole world peace and happiness in the coming year. Peace in those lands where there is conflict. Plenty in those lands where there is poverty and hunger. Joy in those places that have known nothing but sorrow. Love to fill the hearts and souls of those that hate. I know that good will ultimately win, in the fight against evil.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


Friday, 21 December 2012

International Traders.

While I'm working out in my head the next story, I have an idea that I want to share. It is (to me anyway), a commercial thought for all my friends, people in my circles and anyone else who may care to investigate the feasibility of such thought.

Using the Worldwide web, the people who are  seeking a specific product can be put in touch with those who have a specific or specialised product for sale, that way, they can all be of mutual benefit to each other. I know there are already on the web, certain sites and services offering something similar but, it is not exactly like I have in mind.

The world is changing. The way lots of things are done today, is not the way it was always done. New products are introduced into the marketplace daily. Some catch on, a lot don't. How can we tell which product is a good bet to invest in? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing I know, is that the most successful products, the ones that seem to have a decent shelf life in terms of longevity, are the ones targeted toward our needs firstly, and our wants second, usually in that order of priority.

Getting to know people and what they do (at least as their profile suggests) got me thinking along these lines, that is, to get an International trading link or a network going that can benefit those with a bent for such. Maybe have our own international traders forum, giving out information about import and export procedures of the different countries that we live in. That way, we promote local businesses, those that manufacture, produce or sell services that can be even more beneficial to other communities or groups that are based overseas. 

Anyone, individual, group, sole traders and professional people looking to source specific products in any continent on our globe could post in the forum and get more hands on deck to find it. A friend mentioned to me that the audio visual equipment that was used during an international arts festival has ceased to function. The equipment is no longer on sale and the manufacturers may have ceased trading. Some of the tapes of those historical events are deteriorating fast and they need restoration even faster. To find out more contact to help in rescuing one of the greatest music and art treasures, films and recordings from an international festival that promoted unity and peace amongst the minority peoples of the world.  Any person who knows about audio visual recording equipment from the 70's please make contact. 

Complacency is in part responsible for the current global economic depression. Over-dependency on doing things the way those things had always been done regardless of the changes happening all around us. Today, the changes seem to be happening even faster, new products are coming in eclipsing their predecessor. But are we getting our moneys worth? Are we utilising them to their full potential? That is the question for the individual end user to ask themselves. I think most will answer an honest no.

You can be sure that new ideas and concepts will drive the usage of new products that come into the marketplace. A lot of products have benefited from creative people's ingenuity whereby the product's usage went way beyond the scope they were intended for. Ideas are a powerful thing, they can change the world. An example could be who work at concepts, always  looking for new ways of doing things, employing conceptual artists to help improve certain products that would be coming into the marketplace. Examining and recommending alterations when necessary. They also work with people in the entertainment field, with ideas, creators and sometimes with teams of professionals, when it is necessary.

Back to my idea, get like-minded people together into a group that can work at having alternatives to mainstream ideas and new uses for some products. Having a form of international co-operative that will benefit our communities while at the same time, we help each other. I have been trying my hands at trading without having to put in a substantial amount of capital, and I will admit it hasn't been easy, my workload skyrocketed. A few of these are Derenton'sMyFlabberwasGasted a health and vitality site and International traders can help in the sale and distribution of products worldwide while at the same time they could create competition for the vested interests who have been complacent and have enabled the cost of certain products and services worldwide to skyrocket.

I had a boss who was fond of asking me to think outside the box but he never really meant it. He used that phrase probably because he heard it used by his own bosses. This was a mob you needed to see to believe. The company never changed their modus operandi from inception, they used the same suppliers all of the time regardless of increasing cost of the supplies. Nothing was re-evaluated in the way the business was conducted. Then along came I, full of ideas about new and better ways of working and doing things that could in the long run benefit my employer. I was constantly in trouble, whenever my boss got information that I was working differently from ancient procedures that were introduced in 1966, an investigatory/disciplinary panel would be hastily assembled (they mostly fizzled into nothingness) as my boss looked for an appropriate excuse to fire me. His last line of defence whenever I enquired about their reluctance to adapt to the changing and ever more sophisticated marketplace was always "that is the way we have always done things." 

I thought outside of the box most of the time I worked for this employer. Whenever I achieved outstanding results, my immediate boss took all of the glory and kept my name completely out of the frame, taking the credit without any apology for his previous inquisitorial behaviour toward me. Obsessive in covering their backsides, the bosses in this well known company were in a class of their own. Victimising and harassing those of us who have a semblance of original thought while spouting the phrase "think outside the box" without knowing what it really meant.

I have read a lot of posts, especially those on g+. A lot of talented people are out there, trying to better themselves in these changing times, Google is doing what they can to encourage intelligent people to take their own destiny into their own hands and are constantly giving us tools we may use to achieve that goal. To develop ideas and implement a profitable enterprise with my peers, I need to get them believing in the possibilities. If the idea benefits our communities while at the same time it creates a profitable niche, it would not be hard to get people to be passionate about the venture. One individual that comes to mind is +Rizvi Zohdi who has impressed me as a conceptual thinker, a person I can probably work and co-operate with if the right opportunity presents itself.

So, if you are seeking certain goods and products that are not easily available in your neck of the woods or you are seeking cheaper alternatives to what is currently available to you. Or you have, make or sell certain products that is  better and maybe even cheaper to use in another part of the world, well that is an opportunity right there.

Who is with me? Can we serve humanity while at the same time work profitably for ourselves? I think we can.

Think about it!



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Monday, 17 December 2012


Newtown Same Old Story.

Another mass shooting in the United States, this time, a single individual armed to the teeth targets little children. The kids are taken out together with a few of their teachers before the gunman calmly takes his own life.

These incidents are happening more frequently than ever before and it is likely that they will keep happening until U.S. citizens decide to approach the problem realistically. That innocent little children who are no threat to anyone could be killed in such a senseless manner, is shocking. 

My condolences go to the parents of the little angels who were shot, the families of the brave teachers who paid the ultimate price protecting their wards. The US president, Barack Obama has expressed his outrage at the latest incident. He looked as shocked as the rest of us.

Only Americans can resolve the matter of gun control within their own borders. Only Americans can ask themselves the questions that need to be asked and the rest of us can only pray that they come up with the right solutions. 

The powerful gun lobby in the United States seem determined to keep the status quo and are usually vehemently opposed to gun control in any form. They would refer to the first amendment and the founding fathers, saying the right to bear arms, is in the constitution. I doubt that these founding fathers ever imagined the powerful weapons that would be invented and the damage they are capable of causing.

We can only hope and pray that the US government and it's citizens will take a long look at itself, they should take into consideration the position they hold on the planet as the most advanced nation on earth and realise that that position was not obtained through the power of the gun. The rest of the world looks up to the US in almost every area except when it comes to the proliferation of weapons, the most backward nation seem more civilised in comparison.

Whatever happens, I hope the US citizenry will take action, re-examine their gun laws and put into place, a mechanism that protects the weak and the rest of their citizenry from these gun nuts who do so much damage. Nobody ever seems to know their deadly intent until it is usually too late.

The world is watching!



Thursday, 13 December 2012

Flaming Flamingoes

Stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, place and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and places is totally coincidental

The artwork on the posters publicizing the soccer match was excellent, it was better than I had imagined but there was one little flaw, the word Flamingos was spelled as Flamingoes. Since all of the posters were printed already, I decided to leave it be. So from that very day, we were officially "The Flaming Flamingoes" in print. Most people just called us "The Flamingos." 

The poster had a caricature of each team member, drawn in a flattering kind of way. It presented us like we were stars, described each individual in detail. On the other hand, the Monarch team was represented in dull black and white that looked shabby in comparison to ours. I took the posters and dropped them off at Jackie's home. By now it was getting late, I needed to get home before it got too late or I would be in trouble. The quickest route home was a series of alleyways that are usually dark and dingy at night, and that was the route I decided on.

I have previously walked this route before, most of the time with friends but a few times, I had been on my own. It was familiar territory although sometimes it could be creepy, tonight though my mind was occupied and as I walked the route, fear was the furthest thing from my mind. There was just too much going on in my head so I didn't see or sense any danger until figures came at me from the shadows.

I woke up in a hospital bed the next day. I had obviously been attacked taking a short cut home and had apparently suffered some serious injuries. My attackers hadn't showed any mercy. The last thing I remembered was being grabbed from behind. I don't know who attacked me or why I was picked as a victim, whoever they were, they almost killed me that night. Some people tell me it was the gang that was at our last match. Others think it was the Jackass taking bets the day I scored a deliberate own goal that almost caused a riot. 

The fixture between the Flamingoes and the Monarchs happened a few days later without me. They all came to the hospital straight from the pitch after defeating our opponents in what I gather was a spectacular. I had mixed feelings, glad that they won but sad that I was not on the field with them to share the glory. Ade ended up as captain of the team, Jackie became the manager. Between them they took my team to glory. 

The team went from strength to strength and became the talk of our town. Many people still talk about the Flamingoes today like it all happened yesterday. That dream that I put on a poster actually came to pass, those boys took my dream and flew it even higher than I could ever have imagined.

I, on the other hand never played soccer again. After spending five months in hospital undergoing numerous surgeries, having physiotherapy until I could walk again, soccer became one luxury I could never ever indulge in again. But the memory of those days, still brings a smile and a sense of satisfaction that the pain and suffering I endured while in hospital and during the agonizing months of recovery, had been worth it. 


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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Flaming Flamingoes (Contd...)

These stories are all works of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are the product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events and places is totally coincidental.

Three days after the match that ended up a fiasco when the whole Flamingo team almost got their asses kicked by angry spectators out for blood, my mind without warning, slipped into a "what if" mode.  What if those gang members hadn't been distracted by that Jackass? What would have happened if Dan's bodyguard Rab hadn't reached us in time? What would have happened if we hadn't stuck close together during the actual melee?

These thoughts came out of nowhere as the consequences of the rash decision to go and play in unfamiliar terrain suddenly struck like a thunderbolt. My family blissfully unaware of the terrible chaos that almost engulfed my friends and I, were out and as I stood in the front porch of my parents house, my stomach started churning and doing somersaults all at the same time. My knees suddenly felt weak and wobbly that I had to grab the wall to keep from falling over. The delayed shock made me feel like throwing up. Bent over and trembling, I managed to crawl all the way upstairs into my bedroom and slipped under the covers. Shivering, trembling and curled into a ball, I lay there and gradually drifted off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, it was dark outside. My anxiety had vanished. It was as if it had never happened. I don't know how long I was out of it. I was just glad that no-one had bothered to look in on me. I eased myself off the bed and took a quick shower. I then dressed very quickly so I can catch my artist friend at home before it got too late. I had some posters to collect and distribute across the town. You see even then back in the day, I knew about the power of publicity. I also had an instinct about using spin to unnerve opponents. 

The kicks and bruises from our trial match was a lesson learned and I was determined to do what I can to un-settle our next opponents, Monarchs. I wanted to mess with Zeke's head, get him doubting his own and his team's ability to beat us, so I commissioned an artist to make some posters advertising the match between the Flamingos and Monarchs. In the poster, the Flamingos image will be more flattering and will make the Monarch's image look shabby in comparison to ours. I wanted to chip away some of Zeke's cockiness before we met on the pitch.

That plan almost backfired on me...

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