Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brand to stand out.

Music and entertainment artists must constantly evolve to stay in business. 

Today's music artists has to be more than a musician, singer or instrumentalist. Being any of those is now considered as just a job description. What makes today's artist stand out is the branding, i.e. the artist has to become a brand in his or her own right. This is what will give the artist an edge over his peers in what is now considered a very competitive and high risk endeavour. 

Getting the brand image to stand out, is almost more important than the product itself. So to be recognisable today, an artiste with a product such as digital downloads, CDs and Video not only has to merchandise items such as tee shirts, baseball caps etc., they will have to have a branded image. The artist has to become a brand in their own right.

The main essence of the brand will be unique to the artist themselves. Since the subject (the artist) is the brand, the factors to consider will be the image the person wants to project onto the world, what they believe, how they respond to situations, their likes, dislikes, mannerisms and even the walking style and affectations can be taken into consideration when deciding how to make the person into a brand. 

Once the brand is established, products apart from the sound, can be introduced into the marketplace so that people can identify the product with the artist and their values. To optimise the branded image and keep it unique, work on the things that set them apart from their peers. A visually appealing and unforgettable logo will be the ideal to identify a brand.

Creatively packaging all of these things will put them on the right track to becoming an acceptable and unique brand. 

When creating an effective logo, it is important to encompass the following:

1) An identity.

2) Reputation and what the artist stands for.

3) A decent website.

4) The experience.

So if you are a music and entertainment artist, these are the things you probably have to consider on your journey to become a brand in order to establish yourself.

Remember also to keep the vibes kicking.

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