Saturday, 30 March 2013

On A Lighter Note!

On a lighter note: Just Jiving!


Nowadays, I hear the phrase "Get Your Head Out Of your Ass" so often, I sometimes wonder what it really means. Although I get the general drift and the message is quite clear if you take certain circumstances into consideration; Where did that phrase actually come from? Who invented it and what were they thinking?

Short of being a Contortionist, how does a human head reach those nether regions? I sometimes imagine a person literally sticking their own head up their own backside, an anatomical impossibility, except perhaps, you work in a circus.

Is there a particular formula to achieving such a gross thingy? After the head had been up there for a while and someone suddenly says GYHOOYAss…..will it come out with a popping sound or what? I would not like to be in such an environment anyway, think of the smell.

Personally, I would rather tell someone they got shit for brains than ask them to pull their heads out of their own backside. Out of someone else's backside, maybe; that seems more realistic. People who suck up to other people are quite capable of getting their heads so far up another's rear end they sometimes disappear altogether.

If it was actually possible to achieve such an impossible feat, it wouldn't be funny at all!

Just Kidding…..


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