Sunday, 8 September 2013

Congratulations Tokyo, Japan!

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2020 Summer Olympics goes to Tokyo J:

Tokyo, Japan hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics and that is official. I am happy for Japan and the people of Tokyo. 

Troubled recently by a devastating earthquake and the disaster at Fukushima, the decision will bring a smile to the residents of Tokyo and Japan as a whole. This is a validation of the dedication and hard work of the Japanese.

Japan first competed at the Olympics in 1912, won it's first medals (two silver) in 1920 in Antwerp. The first gold medals were won in two events (Triple jump and Swimming) in Amsterdam at the 1928 games.

The country hosted it's first Games in 1964 and it was memorable.

Tokyo's estimated budget for 2020 is in the region of US$3.5billion.

I have no doubt that the Japanese will be great hosts in 2020. 

Working for Japanese companies when I was much younger, I am a witness to how hardworking and enterprising the Japanese are. They are a country with great infrastructure, plenty of talented and capable planners and a great citizenry.

Sports in general is one activity that creates friendship and peace among nations. Let us all wish the people of Tokyo J good luck and congratulations.

Peace out!


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