Friday, 3 January 2014

Soon Come!

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A happy new year to everyone. 

It has been a hectic end of year. I needed to get away from my computer, relax my mind and sort out a few personal issues. Put 2013 behind me and start 2014 with a fresh mind.

I'm happy to give the little I have to offer. Write from my perspective as honestly as possible, entertain and inform at the same time. Sounds easy. In practise, it is rather hard.

No-one has a monopoly on knowledge. It is impossible to know it all. Rather than make things up, I will give you fiction stories (when I have some to give).

I hope I get to attend or participate in some music and entertainment endeavours this year, it will give me material for this blog, and I will gladly share the experience with everyone.

Meanwhile, here are a few amusing photos I took last year.

I'll be back!


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