Saturday, 1 February 2014

Can You See Me 2 (Continued)

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The Story Continues:

By mid-morning he was with detectives in an office within the station. Two plainclothes officers sat opposite Fafo, while one spoke, the other seemed to be sizing him up. Their questions were numerous but they were not getting any answers out of this prisoner; if only they knew what was going on inside Fafo's head, they would have left the questioning until later.

Apart from confirming his name, date of birth and that he had been a passenger on the flight from Lagos, the prisoner kept his silence. From time to time, he would mumble sounds that seem to be words in a foreign language. At one point, he stood up and raised his left leg. Alarmed, thinking he would get violent, the detectives also jumped to their feet and firmly asked him to sit down.

"Do you realise how much trouble you are in?" one of the officers asked, he got no reply. They asked about his contacts in London, where he intended to stay in the city and how long he planned to stay and got no answer but mumbles. The officers were totally at a loss by the time they returned him to his cell at lunchtime. 

Fafo sat on the wooden bench in the cell and for the first time, the gravity of his situation hit him. He buried his head in his hands and began to weep. He wondered what would happen to him thousands of miles from home. What would his friends and family say? He was also beginning to doubt the effectiveness of the charm that he had so confidently depended on. He had been guaranteed that the charm would get him out of a sticky situation if one were to arise. Now he wasn't so sure anymore.

He had been offered the services of a lawyer which he had ignored. Now he was thinking seriously about asking for a lawyer. What would he say to the lawyer or anyone, how could he rationally explain his bold decision to carry a suitcase full of class A drugs and travel to Heathrow airport without any attempt at concealment. People would think he was a stupid fool (which he knew he wasn't) or he was a  crazy lunatic who belongs in an asylum (which he now thought could be the answer). He made a decision to ask for a lawyer next time the cops come to question him.

(To be continued...)


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