Monday, 17 February 2014

It's Official. Better to Be Single!

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The Five Scientifically Proven Reasons!

Bella DePaulo, a psychologist and the author of "singled Out" gives five scientifically proven reasons why it's better to be single.

In a study that followed 9000 middle aged adults for eight years, rates of heart disease were lowest among those who had never been married and all the statuses that came from getting married, were significantly worse off.

Those who had never married were fitter and seemed to exercise more.

Singles were stronger socially because married people are less likely than single people to help, support, visit and maintain contact with friends, family and neighbours.

People who can embrace being single are less likely to end up settling for unhappy partnerships, feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Solitude in contrast to loneliness is often a positive state. "One that may be sought rather than avoided."

All the reasons are valid and true although it can also be said that singles can miss the bliss of companionship and other benefits when those who tie the knot actually get it right. Like Aristotle once said, "Love Is Composed of A Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies."

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