Thursday, 27 February 2014

Can You See Me? 8

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"Hey stinky!" the voice came from somewhere on his left. Fafo looked up. It was Glynn Taft, six feet two inches, bald, with a beard embedded with bits of food. The dour odour that still clung to Fafo like a cloud seem to be attracting the wrong kind of people. He ignored Glynn and his two convict friends, notorious troublemakers everyone avoided. He found sitting in the open like now helped to dissipate the smell coming from the cruel pouch around his neck.

Not responding to Glynn's taunt seemed a mistake, they were coming closer to where he sat when Fafo noticed someone drop next to him on his right. The skinny old black man with a long neck, Fafo sensed no danger from, he found his presence kind of reassuring. It boosted his confidence and made him glare back at Glynn and his cronies. They backed off, there were too many witnesses around. The old black man telling Fafo not to pay them any attention didn't look like someone they could mess with either. It made the three troublemakers mark Fafo's card and move on.

Fafo looked the old boy over, reminding himself that he was in a prison and he really couldn't trust anyone. He hadn't noticed him before, with his wizened old face and slight build, he had a west indian tilt to his accent. The old boy looked at him too, a knowing smile on his lips. "You got troubles boy," he said, Fafo rolled his eyes, "tell me about it!". 

"Want to talk about it?"

"You wouldn't believe it, anyway!"

"Tell me,"

"Never mind."

"Does it have anything with that thing around your neck?"

"You can see it?" Fafo exclaimed!

"It's there, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's there but nobody seems to notice it but me."

"Most people will not see or notice, you see some people see further than most. Just as some will see less, others will see more. That is just the way the world is." The man who Fafo will later call Pops explained. "Get up, let us take a walk around the football field, it's the only exercise I'll get today before lock up."

They stood up and began to walk.

Continued later.......

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