Monday, 27 October 2014

The London African Music Festival 2014 LORRAINE LIONHEART

Silent Cry

The London African Music Festival 2014 kicked off on September 19th and concluded on the 28th September 2014.

The Festival was promoted by Joyful Noise. 

On Tuesday, 23rd September, Lorraine Lionheart gave us a great show at The Green Note Club in Camden, North London.

 And if I may say so, What a show?

I don't want to get too lyrical. Some may see it as a conflict of interest!

These photos tell a part of the story that night.

 A section of the audience

 African rhythm and soul

 It's a fun evening even for the very young

 Singing from the heart

 Lights, Camera, Action


Finally, I want to thank the promoters, the venue and members of the audience. It was a blast!

We may have many more shows to present in the future and I hope YOU, my good friends will take time out of your busy schedule to come hang out with us.

I'll be posting photos from the other shows at this festival soon.

Watch this space!



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