Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I want to finish the story! I really do...

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Can You See Me? Took on a life of it's own!

Those who have been following this blog page for a while probably know that the short stories told by me, are written and published as a first draft.

The story "Can You See Me?" just decided to take on a life of it's own. I want to conclude it at chapter eleven, so I've decided to leave a lot out and conclude it for now.

Maybe one day, I will have the time and inclination to publish it as a commercial project. Or, a book publisher will commission me to write it properly. Destiny will decide what happens. 

The next chapter will not really be the end of the story, just the start. 

As you write off the cuff, it's easy to go off track (if you're not careful). The various twists and turns of my tale took on a life of their own and, my research is now screaming at me to turn it into a full length novel. I'm considering this very seriously.

I don't want those who have been faithfully following the story to get mad or disillusioned. For them, I'll conclude the tale by going off on a tangent for now.(Guys, I hope you'll understand). 

My instinct is to take my time and release the last chapter only when I'm sure that I won't give anything away, avoid spoiling the tale for those who will later read a full length version of this yarn.

Content is consumed quite an unbelievably speedy rate online. Everyone loves a freebie I suppose, and as much as I like to entertain those who have loyally stuck with me, I still have to consider the most important individual in this whole project. Me!

While you wait, please visit my site at ReverbNation i.e. and listen to some informal music. Music written and recorded off the cuff as well as also a first draft, similar to these short stories. The story, Can You See Me? Has decided, it doesn't want to be a short story anymore. I have to accept this, you see, the story itself has become the boss. 

Believe it or not, the ditties both on the ReverbNation and Soundcloud platforms are composed and recorded as is. No multi-takes, just me, naked and vulnerable to the world, published for better or worse, warts and all with no editing. They're hardly ever mixed. 

All the instruments (except for a few loops) are played by me (one take each), sung a lot of the time in the morning while my voice is still cold as long as my feel for the vibe remained intact. It's my very own way of testing myself, my own peculiar trait at reassurance that it could never get worse than is. For what it's worth, "it is what it is." 

Please be patient, No 11 will be published soon. I have other stories I want to spin for you, the loyal readers, fans, followers and recent visitors. The journey continues and the tales and the music shall continue. You are all valuable to me, but not more valuable than my financial consideration or comfort. 

We shall talk soon.


PS. If you're a story teller and you have a yarn of your own you'd like to share, please contact me.

Once again, thanks for being here!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup!

Short stories, Hot Topics and relevant information on Music and the Arts! The official Blog page for seeking to educate, entertain and inform. We invite aspiring writers to showcase their talent here. Read short stories for free here!

Passion and frenzy takes us to the last eight:

I have refrained from commenting on the World Cup because the media is awash with everything anyone could ever want to know about the tournament.

Now, we've reached the last eight teams, the quarter finalists. It's time for me to make my own comments and observations.

Despite the protests and objections from many Brazilians, the competition has been electric to watch.

Great skill, passion, nationalistic fervour, super saves from some goalkeepers, fantastic goals from strikers, everything a soccer fan could ever wish for, has been happening in Brazil.

There has been more positives than negatives. The level of sportsmanship has been high. If we discount the Suarez issue and the hacking down of Onazi of Nigeria without consequence. Overall, it has been quite exciting to watch.

It would have been so much better if warring factions on our planet, followed the example of demonstrating Brazilians and called a truce until after this competition. 

Unless one is resident in the outer planets of our solar system, or is resident in another galaxy, everyone knows about the world cup.

Anyway, the quarter finals begin on Friday, 4th July. In case you aren't aware, here for your information is the quarter final fixture for the lucky eight.

Friday 4th July: Brazil play Colombia and France will play Germany.

Saturday 5th July: Netherlands (Holland) will play Costa Rica and Argentina will play Belgium.

Brazil is the team every one tips to take the trophy. Totally dependent on Neymar, if they falter and get knocked out by Colombia, I believe the Colombians could snatch the cup. 

The three strong european teams are Holland, Germany and France. They will fight tooth and nail to win this cup too.

For me, if not Brazil, then Colombia. If you're a betting man, put some money on Colombia NOW!

I could be wrong, totally off the mark. But, if I'm right, I'd hate to utter the words, "I told you so!"

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the tournament. So far, it's been great!


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