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On Friday 19th September 2014:

Union Chapel, Islington, London.

Bombino is Omara Moctar, a native Tuareg born in Niger Republic. Watch the intro to this YouTube clip of their February 2014 concert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHn7n2ciOJY. It will tell you more about Bombino and his Tuareg roots.

Bombino's new album Nomad was recorded with 2013's Grammy Award winner and producer of the year Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys).

BBC World Service commented the work as, "utterly, utterly fantastic." Rolling Stone magazine critiqued the album and called it "the most exciting blues album of the year, a perfect match of sound and soul that introduces a new guitar hero."

 Bombino on stage
The audience at Union Chapel, Islington London were treated to an electrifying show, uncompromising rebel music and some bluesy desert jams.

Jally Kebba Susso

Also performing on the same bill, was Gambia's Kora master Jally Kebba Susso who played a solo set. Kicking of this Festival proper. You can watch him here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1qAFN7RiYE casually performing at BBC Africa.

It was quite a refreshing and rewarding evening for me personally, because it opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in a merging of African and Western music forms. Of course, this is not a new idea.

Anyway, have fun!


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